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Candy Canes

We have all types of Candy Canes. From the traditional to the unusual. From the smallest to the largest. And available in the quantities you want. Wholesale for everyone. Keep an eye open in this area for new and exciting candy canes coming soon. Our variety of cheap inexpensive quality Christmas candy canes will continue to grow. If you are needing large quantities call or email and reserve what you will need. Quantities can be limited depending on the type you are looking for. With some types and flavors we keep large quantities always available. Our pricing on Mini Candy Canes is unbeatable. If you are not seeing what you are looking for be sure and give us a call or quick email.
Merry Christmas!  

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Scooby Doo Cinnamon Grahams 1 Oz
Scooby Doo Cinnamon Grahams 1 Oz
$54.84 per Case
Size:1 Oz - 210 Count

Tootsie Roll Vanilla Midgees Christmas
Tootsie Roll Vanilla Midgees Christmas
$35.71 per Case
Size:12 Oz - 24 Count

Giant Krabby Patty ChangeMaker Original
Giant Krabby Patty ChangeMaker Original
$3.98 per Pack
Size:0.63 Oz - 36 Count

Runts Bulk 30 lb
Runts Bulk 30 lb
$51.90 per Case
Size:30 lb

Cracker Jack In Boxes
Cracker Jack In Boxes
$9.78 per Box of 25
Size:1 oz - 25 Count

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